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Of Juice and Thrips and Ceiling Wax
October 1999

Hot Cats, Full Moon, October 27

Title of the Month: The Fats of Life

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Hot Cats, Full Moon
Wednesday, October 27

My back has been acting up so I got out the heating pad to soothe it. After years of ignoring the thing, both cats, but especially Nelly, have discovered that sometimes it's warm. They watch me like hawks when I am sitting on the couch, waiting for me to get up and go to the bathroom or answer the phone, then zip!

Nelly is especially predatory about it, being a heat vampire and cranky old lady by nature. This evening, however, Dover managed to get it once.

Normally, all Nelly has to do is stare balefully at Dover to get him to move, but tonight, he defiantly curled up in the super warm spot and refused to budge. She stared for a half hour, even threat-sniffed him (if you have cats you'll know what I mean, if not it would take too long to explain) but it was no go. Eventually he thought he heard a moose somewhere and went off to investigate and she got the spot back but alas, it didn't last long—I turned the pad off.

I've been going to a hand clinic for therapy for what has now been pronounced to be a tendon problem rather than carpal tunnel syndrome. Much easier to deal with. The nice lady custom-made a brace for my right hand with friendly plastic and Velcro and has been giving me exercises which seem to be helping. They look silly but who cares, as long as they work. A different ergonomics guy from last time re-evaluated my workspace and has some more ideas which I hope will help. I urge all you mousers and clickers out there to pay serious attention to any hand and arm pain so you don't end up in my situation. Take breaks more often, stretch, get better equipment if you can.

We drove up to Detroit Lakes and back on Sunday (probably why my back hurts) to see Denny's mother. It got dark on the way back and we were rewarded by watching the harvest moon rise—yellow and round, with clouds wisping across it in a satisfactory sort of way. We would have missed it in town since we don't have a very good line of sight for watching the moon rise. It was so big and clear—a real joy.

The other drivers on the road were not a joy, however. What's wrong with people these days? Tailgating at high speed strikes me as one of the more stupid ways of trying to get killed. That stretch of road is bad Sunday nights. Lots of SUVs hauling boats, people coming back from the cabin, hunters bent on getting home and just plain idiots.

But the moon was nice and we got home safely.

Take good care of yourselves, my friends, and watch out for tailgaters, sneaky cats, and disabling mice.


Of Juice and Thrips and Ceiling Wax
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