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Of Juice and Thrips and Ceiling Wax
July 2000

Lily Walk, July 5

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Lily Walk
Wednesday, July 5

Walked over to Powderhorn Park last night with a couple of friends from work to watch the firework display. It's always a delight. To me they all look like big, sparkling, palatial flowers with a very short but beautiful life.

When I was a kid the noise frightened me, although I loved the sight of the fireworks, themselves. Never liked regular firecrackers, and still don't see the point of the nasty things.

The display that sticks in my mind the most was one July 4th on the flight line at Ramstein Air Base in Germany when I was 8 years old. From my current perspective, I have no idea how big it was or how long it really lasted, but that July 4th was the quintessential fireworks display for me and nothing has ever supplanted it. I thought the world might end and I didn't care. I hated to even blink, it was so beautiful.

Sitting on the hard ground last night didn't do my back any good (especially after sitting in a movie theater chair for an hour and a half, earlier. We saw "Chicken Run" which was worth it—DO stay and watch the credits all the way through, hint, hint) so I stayed home from work today. Went for a walk to help get the achy-bits out, and saw another fireworks display. It consisted of all of the Asiatic lilies, oriental lilies and the day lilies in the neighborhood.

We had an early morning thunderstorm, the dew point is up at 71 degrees, and it seems to have wakened the colors in them all. By gosh, they were glorious! Tall and short and medium stemmed, from the workhorse Stella d'Oro to the fancy hybrids, to the big raw orange natives that even the shoddiest gardens have ('cause you can't kill 'em, no matter how hard you try), they were all out there giving it their best. And talk about loud! Sizzling orange, screaming yellow, clanging red, some softer whites and pinks for contrast. My, it was quite a show. Pow! Wham! Sparkle! Shower! Wheeeeeee!

Happy July 5th, y'all!


Of Juice and Thrips and Ceiling Wax
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