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October 2001

Days of Our Lives, October 16

Gooses, October 28

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Days of Our Lives
Tuesday, October 16

Somehow it has become the middle of October and the leaves are falling off the trees in great heaps. Good color this year. It can't be the middle of October, I want to whine, I'm not done with September yet. But of course, we would all like to be done with September. Sigh.

Today was one of those 'interesting' days. Went in, bravely had a mammogram, not one of my favorite activities. This evening I was catching up on the news papers and read my horoscope, with which I rarely bother. The first line read: "You behave brilliantly under pressure."

Poor Dover the cat has been under the weather. I realized last night all was not well. Checked on him a few times during the night, then called the vet this morning. He was still eating, and all that, but seemed to have a sore throat and wasn't very happy. He could barely meow.

Yes, indeed, Dover has managed to somehow get tonsillitis. They sedated him and checked for foreign objects (like his brain, perhaps) but there were none. The doc suspects he ate something he shouldn't have, a bad plant or something, but we will probably never know.

So now he's home and not at all unhappy about having bubblegum-flavored medicine squirted down him. I think he actually likes it.

Nelly watched in horrified disgust.

So take care, out there, and stick to broccoli.


Sunday, October 28

Winter is bearing down upon us here in Minnesota. We have several very nice almost warm days, then a cold snap. Most of my flowers are gone, except for one lone pot of petunias that somehow escaped the Frost Elves.

Last week I was wittering on to my father about the geese beginning to form up into vees and head south (although some of them seem to be going north, inexplicably — maybe they go north to rendezvous with other groups before heading south).

Dad lives in southern Oregon, near a lovely river. I got this diatribe in reply:

"We got millions of gooses, gooses is everywhere, night and day, winter and summer. They fly mostly east and west, because that's the way the river flows through here. They start out before dawn and continue into the night. One came through our narrow back yard the other night just before dark, lower than the roof top, honking away like mad. They fly in small groups, middling groups, and big groups. Two things about gooses. They honk continually whilst flying and they shit continually on the ground. I wish more people would remember that gooses our part of the food chain and eat them.

"We are getting fall all of a sudden and the trees are turning color rapidly. As a side note, this produces a mass of leaves that need to be raked and disposed of. If gooses were any good they would make the leaves part of the food chain and eat them. That way I could tolerate their continual honking, and perhaps their shit would come out multicolored."

An interesting, original theory, in my humble opinion.

Take good care of yourselves


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